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  • Hangar Digital - Sitio dedicado a los aviones de combate, caracteristicas tecnicas, fotos.
  • Aviones de Guerra - Pagina dedicada a los aviones de guerra entre 1919 y la epoca actual, caracteristicas tecnicas, fotos, historia.
  • Aviones de combate - Los aviones de guerra modernos, caracteristicas, fotos, armamento.
  • Messerschmitt Me 262 - Pagina dedicada a la historia y desarrollo de este avion aleman; tambien asociacion de paginas acerca de este tema. Ingles
  • Fuerza Aréa Argentina página oficial - Pagina acerca de la Fuerza Aerea Argentina, fotos, equipos, etc 
  • Página no oficial de la Fuerza Aérea - Pagina acerca de la Fuerza Aerea Argentina, fotos,equipos, etc.
  • C.C. Jordan's Planes and Pilots of World War Two - This site presents original articles about WWII aircraft, events and people. Articles will appear from time to time, authored by aviation veterans of WWII. This is an ongoing project, with new material added weekly. 
  • The History of the Belgian Air Force during World War I - An informal page on the Belgian Air Force during World War II. 
  • Warbirds - Photos and information on aircraft used during WWI and WW II. 
  • La Luftwaffe - Pagina dedicada a la fuerza aerea alemana durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial
  • WW2 : The great Airplanes - This site is dedicated to WW2 planes related material : photos , files of all planes that fought in WW2, campaign description and so on... 
  • Spruce Goose - HK-1 Hughes Flying Boat - Spruce Goose Official Home Page- Home of the Howard Hughes Flying Boat, HK-1 Hercules. Michael King Smith Evergreen Aviation Educational Center Museum
  • A Look at the Messerschmitt Bf-109 - This is a somewhat technical look at the Messerschmitt Bf-109 aircraft. Take a look at cockpit photo's, read about the engine and other technical components. All for enthusiasts of the Bf-109. 
  • Jagdgeschwader 7 - The official webpage of the Jagdgeschwader 7 gruppe III squadron.We play Combat flight simulator.History of the JG7 as well as aces of the squadron and more. 
  • Home of the Messerschmitt Bf.109 - A detailed look at the Messerschmitt Bf.109. A complete look at all variants, the construction of the aircraft, flying the aircraft and survivor's of the type. 
  • Planes that never flew - Here's a chance to see how some of the German aircraft projects of WWII would have looked like had they ever been built.
  • Messerschmitt262.net - Messerschmitt262.net is the Internets No.1 Resource centre devoted to the Worlds First Fighting Jet.
  • Horrido!, the Luftwaffe Research Website - This site will include Unit details both Jagdgeschwader and Kampfgeschwader, information on Pilots and a Messerschmitt Bf 109 Research Site with details of production, Werknummern, pilots and units who flew and operated 109's of all types 
  • Eagle's World War II Aircrafts - All about Luftwaffe aviation. Tactics, Pictures, Plane Markings, JG26 "Schlageter", and Plane Statistics. 
  • WWII Aviation Projects & Prototypes - Information on project and prototype aircraft of the major powers during WWII. Pictures, prototype production, specifications and general history of aircraft that could of changed the outcome of the war. 
  • Aviones y Pilotos 
  • Aviones de combate 
  • La Luftwaffe 
  • Historias de la Aviacion 
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