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  • 29th Field Artillery Regiment
  • 737th Tank Battalion
  • 504th PIR 82nd Airborne Division - La historia del 504th batallon de la 82 Division Aerotransportada del Ejercito de los Estados Unidos 
  • Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
  • German Mountain Troops of WWII - Sitio dedicado a las Tropas de Montaña de la Whermacht 
  •  99th Infantry Division Association - La Division 99th del ejercito americano.
  • JAGDGESCHWADER 54 Home Page - Jagdgeschwader (Hunting Squadron in German) 54 was one of the most famous German squadrons of World War II.  Many of Germany's most famous and respected fighter pilots served in JG 54 at one time or another. 
  • Royal Air Force (RAF) Bomber Command, 1939-1945
  • Das Reich Homepage   - An apolitical military history page which examines the 2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich". The page includes unit histories, uniform and insignia, personnel biographies, and images. 
  • 104th Infantry Division Home Page  - This web site is intended to accurately portray and preserve the World War II history of the 104th Infantry Division.
  • 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment  - This site is dedicated to the 504th PIR of the 82nd Airborne Division during WW II. 
  • The Black Watch "Chindits"   - Dedicated to my Father, his Pals and all veterans of the forgotton Army in the forgotton War in Burma. Combat biography (69,000 words) Original pics and documents.
  • 94th Bomb Group Memorial Association

  • Contact: Debi Robinson DeZarnThis Web site is dedicated to the Men and Women who served with the 94th BG.
  • 150 Squadron - R.A.F.

  • Contact: Paul LongOperational History of 150 Squadron, RAF. This Medium Bomber Squadron flew Wellingtons out of Italy. 
  • 381st Bomb Group

  • Contact: Lee GnatzigInformation pertaining to the 381st Bomb Group (H), including missions list, lost crew roster, and other pertinent information.
  • 385th Bomb Group Memorial

  • Contact: Guy RiesThe Association 'Friends of the 385th Bomb Group' was created by people living in the Perle - Bigonville sector, Luxembourg. Its first mission is to remember W.W.II, to honor those who suffered and to remember the crews of USAAF crashed in this sector as well as the US soldiers liberating this sector during the Battle of the Bulge.
  • 461 st Bomb Group (H) - The Liberaiders

  • Contact: Rob HoskinsA comprehensive history of the 461st Bomb Group, 15th Air Force which flew B24s from Torretta Field near Cerignola, Italy. Features include mission summaries, photos of Torretta Field, Cerignola, nose art, personal accounts, and soon will include streaming video of interviews conducted for an upcoming documentary on the 461st.
  • B-24 Down

  • Contact: Linda CampMay 28, 1944 the B-24 flown by 2nd Lt. Eugene Hicks went down in the English Channel. All the crew were seen parachuting out, except Lt. Hicks. They were part of the 486th BG from Sudbury, UK. What we have learned about that day. We are looking for the family members of the lost.
  • 33d Armored Regiment

  • Contact: Bryan Smeathers
    History of the 33d Armored Regimentfrom its begining in 1941 through deactivation in 1992 and the reactivation of the 1-33 in 1996. WWII campaigns, lineage and honors. 
  • Historia de la Guardia Civil ( 1844-1848) : Sitio dedicado a la Guardia Civil Española. Buena presentacion e informacion 
  • 3rd Wisconsin Veteran Volunteer Infantry:   Site contains regimental and battle histories, soldier profiles, rosters and links to other Wisconsin-oriented websites
  • 421 RCAF Squadron:  421 RCAF squadron history in WWII, especially Normandy
  • 503rd on THE ROCK  The site of the 503rd Parachute Regimental Combat Team (WWII)
  • 6 Group Bomber Command -  A collection of facts and figures about the RCAF's No. 6 Group in the Royal Air Force Bomber Command during World War II.
  • 63rd Infantry Division Association - Provides information for association members relating to the 63rd Infantry Division, the Army and World War II. Includes a history of the 63rd Infantry Division for use by historians . Preserves the memory of our fallen comrades.
  • 644 Squadron - Canadian WWII author's site with extensive online historical references for RAF 644 Squadron
  • 70th Infantry Division Association - 70th Infantry Division (US) during WW2
  • 8th Georgia Infantry Webpage  - History, battles, rosters, flags, writings of this Confederate regiment.
  • 39th Iowa Infantry the Hawkeye Boys:     We Want to recreate the life of the common Civil War soldier.
  • 21st Missouri Volunteer Infantry Regiment    A site dedicated to the 21st Missouri Vol Infantry containing descriptive muster roll info, battle reports, service and assignment history, photos, and documents/letters.
  • REGULARES.COM : Sitio no oficial, acerca de la unidad mas condecorada del Ejercito Español
  • ENTRENAMIENTO MILITAR : Pagina dedicada a las unidades de operaciones especiales militares y policiales sus entrenamientos,tacticas,materiales 

  • usados,curiosidades etc.
  • Fuerzas navales Argentinas : Pagina dedicada a la Armada Argentina. En español
  • Boinas Verdes Españolas : Acerca de este cuerpo militar especialziado del Ejercito Español.Español
  • Regimientos de America : Pagina sobre uniformes de los ejercitos suramericanos.Español
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