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  • Heinz Guderian - Comandante aleman de tropas panzer durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, creador de la Blitzkrieg.
  • Heinrich Himmler - Comandante de las SS en el III Reich
  • Adolf Hitler - Dictador de alemania durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, creador del III Reich.
  • Napoleon - Here you can get all the information about Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Gerd von Rundstedt - Marical de campo en la Wehrmacht durante la II Guerra Mundial.
  • Erwin Rommel - Comandante aleman de tropas panzer durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
  • Erich von Manstein - Marical de campo en la Wehrmacht durante la II Guerra Mundial.
  • La pagina de Napoleon Bonaparte en Castellano - Pagina web dedicada a este personaje del siglo XIX
  • Don Jose de San Martin - Gestor de la libertad de la Republica Argentina. 
  • 96th Infantry Division Unofficial Page - This site is dedicated to the 96th Infantry Division of World War 2 and the men who proudly served, including my father. This site provides details on all aspects of the Army soldiers life from Boot Camp, comabt, and coming home. We achieve this through personal accounts, pictures, and maps. 
  • The George S. Patton, Jr. Historical Society - The Patton Society is dedicated to preserving the history of General George s. Patton, Jr. and the men and units he commanded throughout his life. 
  • Leonas Cerskus. The story of Lithuanian soldier. -  This is a unique memoir of former Lithuanian army soldier, survivor of Chervene massacre. First started to serve as volunteer in Lithuanian army auto regiment in 1939. 
  • Udet's Page - Dedicated to Ernst Udet pilot of the Luftwaffe
  • Heinz Ewald Esau - II./JG 52 - Ritterkreuztraeger - This site is dedicated to Heinz Ewald Esau, a german fighter ace of II./JG52 - eastern front. 84 air victories, Ritterkreuztraeger, 138 missions as Barkhorns wingman. Pictures, information about him and his book. Page only in german at present... 
  • Great German Generals - This site is about Great German Generals
  • Italy & the Pacific, the 'forgotten' campaigns of WWII - Dedicated to my father (Italian Campaign) & my friend (Pacific Campaign) Includes photos, details on weapons & both campaigns, nose art section, roll of honor, facts on WWII, links and more. 
  • Sid's War, from El Alamein to Cassino - Historia viva sobre un soldado ingles en la II Guerra Mundial 
  • General George S. Patton - Pagina dedicada al General George Patton, comadante de tanques americanos.
  • Adolf Galland 1912 - 1996 - As aleman de la Luftwaffe, uno de los mejores pilotos de caza de todos los tiempos. 
  • The Russian Front - A collection of private photographs and comments of a German soldier assigned to the Eastern Front. Probably the best site of its type. 
  • Frankel-y Speaking - An engaging commentary of war in the south Pacific. Most of the material was written immediately after the events described and provides an honest sense of the feelings evocated in the author. 
  • Twelve Hundred Days   The story of an American soldier who survived the Bataan Death March. This is a textual reference. 
  • Military Life at Isley Field, Saipan, 1944-45

  • Contact: Richard LobinskeMy father, Walter H. Lobinske Sr. (April 13, 1923 - February 12, 1977) was stationed at Isley Field, Saipan from September 1944 to Fall, 1945. He was assigned to fuel maintenance with the Ground Echelon, 479th Bombardment Squadron, 499th Bombardment Group, 73rd Bombardment Wing. Overall command was the 21st Bomber Command, 20th Air Force. This page is dedicated to him and all those who served with the 20th Air Force. 
  • Simon Bolivar Magnifica pagina acerca del Libertador  Simon Bolivar,  excelente diseño e informacion
  • A Raid on Munich   -  My Father's mission to bomb Nazi headquarters in Munich which resulted in his plane being shot down, capture,imprisonment, and the Death March.
  • A.P. Hill,Confederate General - Web site dedicated to tracing the life & career of General A.P. Hill
  • Adolfo Hitler 
  • Sir Winston Churchill 
  • Franklin Delano Rossevelt 
  • De Gaulle 
  • Benito Mussolini 
  • George Patton 
  • Stalin 
  • Erwin Rommel 
  • Dwight D Einshower 
  • Personajes de la Segunda Guerra Mundial 
  • Biografias de los lideres 
  • Capitan Antonio Barcelo : Página dedicada a la vida del almirante Antonio Barceló español
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