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  • The Panzertruppen - Sitio dedicado a las Panzerdivisionen de la Wehrmacht durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, caracteristicas tecnicas, fotos, historia.
  • World War II Armor
  • WWII Tank Page
  • On Armour

  • Contact: Claus BonnesenOn Armour provides profiles of various WWII AFVs and performance data on the main armament of WWII AFVs. 
  • Guns vs Armour 1939 to 1945

  • Contact: David HonnerProvides comprehensive information on gun penetration data, ammunition types and armour characteristics. Raw data is corrected to allow direct comparisons between weapons from different nations. 
  • Panzermuseum Munster

  • Contact: Mike HicksThis site is the on-line gateway to the Panzermuseum Munster, a joint establishment of the city of Munster and Kampftruppenschule 2. The site has been off the web since last August, but has at last returned and is in the final stages of construction. This site also carries with it the legacy of the "Panzer Lehr" site, of which I was also the webmaster, in that the museum site will eventually incorporate many of the historical documents that were once available through Panzer Lehr. 
  • 3D Panzerwaffe

  • Contact: Vladimir VeruyginThis page is denoted historian-technical review of armored vechicles of Germany in World War II (1939-1945) and 3D graphic modeling of armored vechicles this period of time. On this page presented graphic work, photodocuments, drawings, technical descriptions and history of making the combat machines of Second World War.
  • Baltic AFV's & Armored Trains 1918-1945

  • Contact: Thorleif Olsson
    AFVs and ATs of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania between 1918 and 1940. Also what happened to them after Soviet occupation in 1940. Also with a short article on Estonian volunteers in Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. At the moment, a "one of a kind" site!
  • Panzer War History of World War II

  • Contact: Ralph Zuljan
    There are currently three significant features to this site: the historical text archive, the afv technical data resource and the German order of battle tables. More is added on an ad hoc basis roughly once per month.
  • The Railway Gun Web-Museum

  • Contact: Dr. Nicholas Robinson
    For enthusiasts of Railway Guns and Armoured Trains of all sizes. We include information on German locomotives for railway guns & armoured trains, pictures from the Atlantic Wall museum, Calais of the only European K5 extant and a large links and reading list area. 
  • 746th Tank Battalion

  • Contact: Whit Blanchard
  • Armour in Focus

  • Contact: Chris Shillito
    Armour in Focus is intended as a reference site for the AFV enthusiast. The site provides detailed photographic studies of AFVs of all periods and countries with a particular emphasis given to British & Commonwealth WWII armour. In addition to the photographic studies, selected vehicle specifications, development histories and vehicle related links are provided.
  • Mechanized Cavalry in WWII

  • Contact: Lou Di Marco
    A website dedicated to the men of the US Army's mechanized cavalry in WWII. Covers history, combat actions, units, equipment, organization, training, and leaders. 
  • Red Steel

  • Contact: Thorleif Olsson
    Devoted primarily to the USSR and its armoured forces during the World War Two Years. This site is not meant to be revisionist.
  • Russian Tanks

  • Contact: Victor Plotnikov
    A Russian Armoured Site that has most of the early to late tanks of the Soviet Union. Also included is a personal view on the beginnings of World War II and specialty links. 
  • Carros de combate : pagina dedicada a los carros de combate, cañones autopropulsados, sistema armados de infanteria, antiareos y carros de exploracion modernos.
  • Carros de combate 
  • Las Fuerzas Blindadas alemanas en la Segunda Guerra Mundial 
  • Los Panzer alemanes 
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